Paint Protection Film Gravelator

The tabletop heat lamp display is perfect for the F&I manager’s or service advisor’s desk to demonstrate the heat rejecting capabilities of window film. The tablet comes pre-loaded with educational videos and a photo gallery showing pictures of the film installed.


3M Automotive Window Film Kiosk

The Automotive Window Film Kiosk is essential in demonstrating the heat rejection capabilities of various automotive window films. It’s a heat lamp inside a glass cube that swivels around a base. Each side of the cube is treated with a different piece of film to demonstrate that film’s effectiveness at heat rejection.


Paint Protection Film Gravelator

The Gravelator is perhaps the best tool at demonstrating the effectiveness of paint protection film. It is a self-contained device that shoots gravel at a metal plate, half of which is covered with PPF. The audience will be amazed at how the covered half was unharmed by the gravel.